Success Stories

Please listen to these inspirational stories about Center clients on their path to recovery.


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"I learned so much about my child's mental health condition. I learned how to be present for him and hold him with love when he had difficulties controlling himself. I love him so much and now I can see how he is able to express the love for me and others too."

The mother of Anthony – a client at San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center’s Children’s Full Service Partnership Program

Mr. S is 70-years-old and has lived on the streets of Van Nuys for over 11 years.  His body is weak with diabetes and he suffers from severe depression as well as alcoholism.  After years of societal rejection, he found a safe spot behind a local restaurant and it was there that he lived for over a decade, forgotten by everyone.  He had few friends and was very distrustful of others.  Mr.

Just before closing on the afternoon before Thanksgiving, as the Program Coordinator was passing through the hallway, a very soft-spoken and composed young lady, “Kristen,” stopped her and asked for help. Kristen said that she was a college student and that one of her professors had given her the assignment of interviewing someone in a profession that interests her.

“Harry” is a 7-year old boy who was referred to treatment for bringing a knife to school and threatening to kill other children with it.  He was suspended from school as a result of this incident and placed in a day school for disruptive children. Harry also presented with distractibility, impulsivity, inattention, and physical/verbal aggression. His symptoms began in kindergarten and were occurring about 3-4 times a day.

 “Sylvia” initially came for services after having suffered for years with severe depression, which resulted in her struggling socially, academically, and with her family.  Sylvia got to a point in her life that she knew that she was going to have to seek help to deal with her symptoms and found her way to Transitions. 

“Eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. At that time I was trapped in a world of hallucinations and voices, disconnected from the reality around me.  Now I am able to have a life that is not defined just by my illness. I am not cured - I’m in recovery.”

“Millie” is a shining example of someone who has been able to fully embrace her recovery, being active in every step of the process.  We have many success stories at the Center, but Millie’s is one that grabbed the attention of so many.