Licensed Vocational Nurse - Hamlin Adults FCCS

Serves as liaison between multi-disciplinary mental health treatment/case management staff and the psychiatrists assigned to program. Provides medication support services, client education (both individual and group), medication monitoring and crisis services to promote successful medication stabilization and ongoing mental health stability. Provides health and medication screening upon intake, and consults with psychiatrists as needed to conduct thorough assessments, provide medication support services, and assist clients in stabilizing during periods of crisis. Provides LPS coverage as needed for program. Provides support to psychiatrists when meeting clients, including faxing prescriptions, documenting medication changes, notifying team, and ensuring that clients receive any ordered medications. Also reviews medication changes with clients to ensure adherence to medication regimen. Serves on After Hours/On Call rotation as LPS-designated team member.
Serves as liaison between psychiatrists and Adult FCCS staff in communicating medication and stabilization concerns, ensuring team input is made accessible to psychiatrist, and ensuring psychiatrist has been updated regarding recent behavioral or symptom changes.
Assists psychiatrists in filling medication orders, processing prescriptions, and ensure that client receives medications. Notifies staff as to medication changes that are made in client medication regimen.
Provides medication education to clients, both individually and in groups, relating to side effects, use of medication to decrease symptoms, and how medications interface with one another.
Monitors medication regimen of Adult FCCS clients, and assists Case Manager and Psychiatrist in stabilizing clients on medications.
Performs necessary ancillary functions to ensure that clients are able to follow their medication regimens, i.e., filling med trays, making home visits to monitor or assist a client in following medication regimen, notifying clients of med changes and reminders to take meds, etc.
Triage medication issues and concerns as they arise with treatment team and client.
Perform medical and mental health assessments at intake and ongoing as needed so that all clients, especially those with co-existing disorders, are successfully able to refer into the program and/or achieve medication stability.
Provide coverage and medication support services during periods when psychiatrists are meeting with clients in office.
Provides LPS designated staff coverage as needed during regular working hours.
Serve as a member of the multi-disciplinary team, including case management activities and serving on LPS-Designated Staff rotation for After Hours/On-Call coverage.
Must act in accordance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and related state law confidentiality requirements. Must successfully complete the Center’s HIPAA training, pass the HIPAA test, and receive the Certification of Compliance.
Regular attendance is an essential function of the job.
Interacting with other employees at work is an essential function of the job.
Arriving at work on time and not leaving early is an essential function of the job.
Bilingual ability a plus, but not required.
Experience in public health, community health education, or previously working in the field (outside the office/hospital) highly desirable.
Must have personal, reliable transportation to conduct field visits.
Must have or obtain Red Cross First Aid and CPR training. May be required to obtain Crisis Prevention Management training.
Must be able to pass LPS certification training provided by DMH and participate in LPS designated staff rotation for program and After Hours Crisis Response rotation.
Current LVN or LPT license in good standing.
Must maintain current status as a licensed professional under California law.
At least two (2) years experience in working with persons diagnosed with co-existing disorders.
Must have a valid California Driver License in good standing and be insurable by the Center’s auto insurance carrier.
Have a good understanding of medications and side effects in order to educate clients.  REQ. 4319A