Mental Health Advocate - CRC

Works under the direction of the CRC Program Coordinator to provide benefits assistance, mental health advocacy, and opportunities for consumers to learn self-advocacy and become involved in advocacy efforts that benefit mental health consumers. Assists the CRC Program Coordinator in providing workshops on issues and areas relevant to benefits and entitlement issues, changes, and concerns as well as overall peer wellness and program tenets. Assists the CRC Program Coordinator in helping consumers understand how benefit entitlements affect work earnings. Organizes participants to become involved in advocacy efforts, including letter writing campaigns, organization meetings, stakeholder meetings, and resources that improve consumer’s daily living. Provide peer support and assistance so that consumers can learn self-advocacy skills. Serves as a liaison to the local Social Security Administration office in keeping abreast of benefits changes, and knowing appropriate personnel to refer consumers to in order to resolve benefits and entitlement issues. Facilitate community and company-wide events as needed.
Assist the Program Coordinator in developing and providing a range of mental health advocacy activities, including responding to legislative alerts, letter writing campaigns, and group advocacy projects with participants.
Facilitate and Co-Facilitate a variety of Self-Help and Peer Support Activities in order to introduce and promote mental health recovery and related self-help skills to interested mental health consumers.
Participates in outreach to recruit future clients.
Assists in intake process and introducing new clients to the Client Run Center
Provides benefits assistance and help in problem solving regarding SSI, SSDI, SS, and other benefit entitlements.
Maintains contact with the local Social Security Administration office to remain abreast of changes in benefits and act as a liaison for consumers who seek benefits assistance.
Assists consumers in meeting benefits needs, and teaching self-advocacy skills whenever possible to support their independence.
Assists the CRC Program Coordinator in providing workshops and individual trainings to consumers regarding how work earnings affect benefit entitlements.
Assist in developing and spearheading anti-stigma campaigns as an advocacy activity with CRC clients.
Completes COS billing punctually and effectively.
Attends appropriate trainings.
Attend staff meetings weekly and individual supervision as scheduled.
Attend meetings with other providers or Service Area meetings as requested.
Build a network of community resources regarding benefit entitlements to support consumer advocacy needs.
Must act in accordance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and related state law confidentiality requirements. Must successfully complete the Center’s HIPAA training, pass the HIPAA test, and receive the Certification of Compliance.
Regular attendance is an essential function of the job.
Interacting with other employees at work is an essential function of the job.
Arriving at work on time and not leaving early is an essential function of the job.
Knowledge of mental illness and impact on family and peers.
Ability to communicate effectively with peers.
Some experience with mental health advocacy activities as well as knowledge about available resources in the community.
Eighteen (18) months of mental health stability and stable on medication if prescribed.
Twenty-four (24) months of successful recovery from substance abuse and participation in ongoing self-help groups.
High School diploma or equivalent, and completion of a Peer Counseling Training program.
Minimum one year experience in a similar program serving the mentally ill.
The applicant must have a valid California license and be insurable by the Center’s insurance company, maintain a good driving record and have access to a personal vehicle. REQ.  R0013A

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