Peer Advocate: Cafe Worker - CRC - Part Time

POSITION DEFINITION: Under supervision of the Program Coordinator, the Café Worker will provide life skills/independent living skills training to consumers in the Café in order to train in food prep, health and nutrition, and café skills. Works under the Café Trainer to cover the café, help train the member volunteers, and ensure clean-up is completed in accordance with cleanliness standards.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide direct client services as directed.
Under the direction of the Program Coordinator and Café Trainer, works in the café to provide assistance in meal prep and clean up, and to teach life skills to clients in the cafe who request assistance in improving their independent living skills and/or community functioning.
Trains and monitors consumers in the acquisition of café/food prep skills in the following areas to enhance independent living skills, (hygiene, cooking, cleaning, shopping); money management, and budgeting.
Provide assistance to consumers in learning needed work readiness skills, including café skills acquisition, time management, ordering, food prep, clean up, hosting, order taking, team work skills, and café skills.
Assists Café Trainer in overseeing café menu planning, grocery shopping, food prep, and clean up.
Consults with referral sources and assists CRC Staff in linking consumer to appropriate resources as needed.
Participates in major events that support the mission and goals of the CRC.
Assists in Member Services Emergency Food Bank as needed.
Participates in driving and making deliveries to and from Member Services Emergency Food Bank
Will participate in staff or supervisory meetings as assigned.
Assists with chore-monitor duties
Consults with Employment Specialist to best assist clients in volunteer and stipend positions
Demonstrates strong conflict resolution skills
Serves as a role model for clients
Must act in accordance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and related state law confidentiality requirements. Must successfully complete the Center’s HIPAA training, pass the HIPAA test, and receive the Certification of Compliance.
Regular attendance is an essential function of the job.
Interacting with other employees at work is an essential function of the job.
Arriving at work on time and not leaving early is an essential function of the job.
Taking breaks only when scheduled
Must have personal experience and /or volunteer or professional experience working with individuals with mental illness.
Completion of a Peer Counseling Training program.
Knowledge of mental illness and impact on family and peers.
Ability to communicate effectively with peers.  REQ. 6554U  Apply Here