Registered Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MH Clinician II Lead) Family Preservation

Under the supervision of the Program Coordinator/Clinical Supervisor and oversight of the Program Manager, the Lead Clinician/Mental Health Clinician II will provide assessment services to adult parent/caregivers who have been identified by the Emergency Response at the contracted DCFS Regional Office as needing assessment services in regards to mental health, substance abuse, and/or domestic violence issues. The Lead Clinician/Mental Health Clinician II will assess the individual’s specific strengths and support systems, as well as screen for the presence of mental health, substance abuse, and/or domestic violence using the DCFS pre-approved evaluation tool, and provide a clinical impression on how these factors may impact the parent/caregiver’s ability to provide safe environment and adequate supervision for their minor children. The Assessor will also provide recommendations for services and resources - in both the formal assessment report and/or during Team Decision Meetings/Child Family Team Meetings - based on needs identified during the assessment for the assessed individual to the County representative, as well as the specific parent/caregiver as appropriate.
Provides Emergency Response-Regional Office assessments to parents/caregivers as requested and ensures compliance with contractual deadlines for assessment services.
Utilizes the Shared Core Practice Model and the Strengthening Families Approach to as a framework for providing assessment services to individuals, the County representative(s), and other community providers involved in service provision – while also being mindful about child safety & mandated reporter responsibilities. Ability to use the Collaborative Therapy and Family Connections Model of engagement as well.
Is respectful of and sensitive to each family’s cultural and individual needs and customs as appropriate.
Assists parent/caregivers in obtaining appropriate activities to strengthen family relations, including participation in parenting skills classes and/or therapy services.
Is flexible and creative in providing assessment services to parent/caregivers in their homes, or at an alternative site if approved by the County designee to accommodate family safety needs.
Attends Team Decision Meetings and/or Child and Family Team Meetings as requested, in order to provide assessment findings and service recommendations.
Works in conjunction with the other service providers & referral source to coordinate services for parent/caregivers as needed.
Schedules intakes and completes all appropriate paperwork as assigned. Responsible for completing other required program documentation including reporting of data collected regarding service outcomes and objectives.
Participates in weekly staff meetings, treatment team meetings, and in individual and/or group supervision sessions.
Assists with crisis intervention, support, and stabilization as needed.
Is expected to become familiar with and establish relationships with community agencies, including the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Department of Probation, as well as other community service providers, in order to coordinate services and to become aware of other possible resources.
Attends a 40-hour training within 45 business days of their start date and at least 4 hours of on-going in-service trainings quarterly for ongoing professional skill development.
Provides ER-CP assessments on a rotation basis.
Is trained and able to provide In-Home IHOC Visits, FP Counseling, SARM, T&D, and parenting to meet the needs of the program & clients.
Assists Program Coordinator in chart reviews and FP audit preparation.
Provides back-up to Program Coordinator for MCPC attendance & case plan approvals as needed.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Must act in accordance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and related state law confidentiality requirements. Must successfully complete the Center’s HIPAA training, pass the HIPAA test, and receive the Certification of Compliance.
Regular attendance is an essential function of the job.
Interacting with other employees at work is an essential function of the job.
Arriving at work on time and not leaving early is an essential function of the job.
Computer skills and knowledge of community resources is an important function of the job.
Full-Time Licensed, Bilingual Spanish-speaking LCSW or LMFT to provide in home and clinic-based assessment for adult parents & recommendations for services in the San Fernando & Santa Clarita Valleys, along with occasional therapy work with individuals and families in a strength-based program. Experience working with children and families in Family Preservation or a similar field-based program, and experience using the BSAP or other assessment tools, highly preferred.  Current CA BBS registration as a LCSW or LMFT and good documentation / organizational skills a must. REQ# 3394A Apply Here