Emily Chen

Director of Finance

Emily Chen oversees all accounting operations and in her 30 plus years as an employee of SFVCMHC, Inc., has seen the Center expand exponentially. She has watched the Center grow from 5 - 35 programs, employing 50 initially and now 500. Likewise, she has seen revenue increase from $2 million dollars to $34 million.

As Director of Finance, Mrs. Chen oversees all accounting activities, which include general and cost accounting, internal auditing, preparation and control of budget and reports, payroll and business office functions (credit, collections, billing, grant accounting, cash flow, banking relationships, etc.)

Mrs. Chen was educated in Taiwan at the Ming Chuan Commercial College for Girls. From 1975 to 1978, she managed a family-owned restaurant, the Golden China, located in Van Nuys. Mrs. Chen began her career with the Center in 1979 as a Bookkeeper via a woman’s job training program. She has risen through the ranks from Bookkeeper to Accounting Supervisor, to Fiscal Manager and then to her current position.