Harry's Story

“Harry” is a 7-year old boy who was referred to treatment for bringing a knife to school and threatening to kill other children with it.  He was suspended from school as a result of this incident and placed in a day school for disruptive children. Harry also presented with distractibility, impulsivity, inattention, and physical/verbal aggression. His symptoms began in kindergarten and were occurring about 3-4 times a day.

He felt his parents did not love him or care to be around him. In order to address this, the therapist began seeing Harry’s parents for collateral therapy and encouraged both of them to spend some alone time with him.  Harry and his therapist built a rapport, explored and identified triggers for his behavior. She was able to assist him by utilizing talk and play therapy and she assisted Harry with anger management techniques. As a result, positive changes began to develop.

At Harry’s IEP meeting, the therapist advocated for Harry to be put back into his regular school and the IEP team agreed. His behaviors have significantly decreased and his teacher reports he is doing very well even receiving “Student of the Month” at school.