Kristen's Story

Just before closing on the afternoon before Thanksgiving, as the Program Coordinator was passing through the hallway, a very soft-spoken and composed young lady, “Kristen,” stopped her and asked for help. Kristen said that she was a college student and that one of her professors had given her the assignment of interviewing someone in a profession that interests her. She asked permission to speak with one of the clinicians so that she could gather information on the process of becoming a therapist; she wanted to know what level of education they attained, what training they completed, and the like. As the Program Coordinator walked her in to get her name and phone number, Kristen quietly stated, “I used to come here, you know.” Although four or five years had passed, she recognized the program Staff Assistant and she spoke about how much therapy had really helped her and that she is doing very well now. The Program Coordinator said, “I cannot describe how much pride I felt at that moment, both in this articulate and focused young lady, and in the work that our program has provided consistently for so many years. It is not often that we receive feedback years after a case has been closed, and this opportunity to see that one of our own has graduated high school, is pursuing higher education, and is interested in giving to others what she received during her time with the Center was both touching and inspiring.”