Mr. S's Story

Mr. S is 70-years-old and has lived on the streets of Van Nuys for over 11 years.  His body is weak with diabetes and he suffers from severe depression as well as alcoholism.  After years of societal rejection, he found a safe spot behind a local restaurant and it was there that he lived for over a decade, forgotten by everyone.  He had few friends and was very distrustful of others.  Mr. S was outreached on various occasions by the Street to Home team and each attempt moved him closer and closer to trusting them.  One day, he said “yes,” and came into the program to begin a new life and end his history of homelessness. 

Finally, Mr. S. was enrolled in the Street to Home program.  He resided on the streets throughout his enrollment but continued to come into the program daily to take advantage of the milieu services, case management and mental health services.  Immediately upon enrollment, Mr. S applied for a Shelter Plus Care certificate.  The Street to Home Housing Coordinator, assisted him in the process of completing the application and upon retrieval of his certificate he was assisted with viewing apartments and began the conversation of living his life, indoors. 

Mr. S moved quickly through the enrollment and housing process and as a result, was able to overcome significant barriers rapidly.  San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc. was integral in this process as the Center was awarded funds from United Way which assists clients with basic move-in costs.  These funds gave him the chance to secure permanent supportive housing as he now had enough funds for a deposit on an apartment.   Less than two months after his enrollment into Street to Home program, he moved into his new apartment.  He is grateful for having a home and also having hope for the future.  He continues to come into the program and has been receptive to the suggestions of the treatment team and his Psychiatrist.