Sylvia's Story

 “Sylvia” initially came for services after having suffered for years with severe depression, which resulted in her struggling socially, academically, and with her family.  Sylvia got to a point in her life that she knew that she was going to have to seek help to deal with her symptoms and found her way to Transitions. 

From the start, Sylvia was an active and engaged client and made use of her time in therapy weekly to the fullest.  She often struggled with her symptoms, but was able to maintain hope that things were going to get better and continued to work on the skills that were taught to her during sessions.  At first she was resistant to taking medications, but with her therapist’s recommendation she was willing to see the psychiatrist and take medications if prescribed.  Once she began a regimen, she reported an excellent response to her medication.  As her symptoms became more manageable for her, she was able to go through the supportive employment program at Valley Employment Services, and was successfully linked to a job that she loves and has worked at for the past six months.

 Sylvia has become more confident in her life, and rather than dreading each day, she is excited for all the day has in store for her.  As she was being released from the program, it was clear that she had grown in so many ways during our time together; she came to treatment lacking any hope that her situation could change and left treatment confident in her life and ability to deal with the curves on the road of life.