Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Team (MAT)

The MAT program is a Countywide collaboration between the Department of Mental Health (DMH), the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and contracted Community Mental Health providers. This program is designed to ensure the immediate, thorough, and comprehensive assessment of children and youth who have been detained through DCFS and are entering out-of-home placements. The assessment includes findings addressing the child’s needs (medical, dental, developmental, speech/language, educational, vocational, mental health and family/caregiver) The information gathered in these assessments is used by the courts to determine needs, appropriate services and appropriate placement. All referrals come from the Department of Children and Family Services.
When a child is detained through DCFS, he or she is eligible to receive a MAT assessment. The assessor has the responsibility to assess the child in every domain of their life. The Assessor will meet with the child, the foster parent(s), and the biological parent(s) when they are available. The assessor will also gather information from the child's medical doctor, teachers, regional center worker, and/or other relative caregivers when applicable.
All the information gathered is documented and presented in a Summary of Findings (SOF) meeting where all responsible parties are present. This includes: the foster parent, biological parent, ISW, ER Worker, MAT Coordinator and MAT Assessor. In addition, the MAT Assessor is responsible for providing the children and their parents (foster and/or biological) with appropriate referrals and linkage opportunities to ensure the needs of the children are being met.

Target Population: 

Children detained by DCFS and removed from their homes.

Ages of Population: 

0-18 (majority of the referrals are in the 0-5 age range)

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