East Valley Youth & Family Center

For outpatient services, please call 818-574-7745.


Children, ages 0-18 (or older if still in high school), can be seen in one of three outpatient centers located in Mission Hills, Central Van Nuys, and North Hollywood. Overall, services are geared toward increasing the adaptive functioning of children in their homes, schools, and communities by providing supportive and individualized intervention, which may include:

  • Mental Health Services – assessment, individual/family/group therapy, collateral work with caregivers, and rehabilitation to increase specific skill sets. Clinicians at the three centers are trained in a variety of evidenced-based practices as well as traditional therapeutic approaches.
  • Medication Support Services – psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication management as needed.
  • Targeted Case Management – linkage to and collaboration with other public and private agencies, providers, and services.
  • Crisis Intervention – immediate intervention to stabilize or ensure linkage to a higher level of care.

All clinics have a 0-5 speciality. The treatment team has developed a specialization in Infant Mental Health, focusing upon early developmental screening, assessment, and intervention in order to promote healthy parent-child relationships, the achievement of early developmental milestones, and resiliency for our clients between the ages of birth and five years. The programs may also treat families including at least one parent with severe and persistent mental illness and at least one child who is concurrently experiencing emotional disturbance and impairments in his or her adaptive functioning at home, at school, or in the community.

Target Population: 

Severely Emotionally Disturbed children and adolescents. All clients must meet medical necessity for services. Medical necessity is determined by a current ICD-10 diagnosis, and impairment in functioning in the home, at school, and/or in the community. The client must also have the capacity to benefit from mental health treatment. Clients with a substance use disorder or a developmental disability are accepted if they have a concurrent emotional disorder. Clients are also screened for financial eligibility as the program only sees clients with Medi-Cal. If a family has private insurance, they are referred back to their insurance company for services.

Ages of Population: 

Children and adolescents 0 to 21 years of age.

(818) 901-6376