Cornerstone FCCS

The program provides field-based services which includes a comprehensive array of mental health, intensive case management, dual diagnosis services and medication support services.  The program is open seven days per week and has a milieu setting which includes laundry facilities, shower facilities, locker facilities and daily mental health groups.

Target Population: 

The Cornerstone Field Capable Clinical Services program serves adults aged 26-59 with a serious mental illness who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and are unserved, underserved, or inappropriately served. Focal populations include; 1) chronically homeless, 2) serious risk of homelessness 3) recently released from jail, or high risk of incarceration; 4) multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and recent suicide attempts, and 5) have experienced trauma or are currently in abusive relationships.

Ages of Population: 

26 to 59 years of age

(818) 901-4836