Homebound - Older Adult Field Capable Clinical Services (OAFCCS)

The program is designed to provide specialized clinical and case management services delivered by a multi-disciplinary treatment team of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals specifically trained to work with older adults. The program offers help with recovery and brings supportive services to a location convenient to the client. The goal is to improve access to specialty mental health services for older adults who are unable to obtain services in traditional mental health settings due to impaired mobility, fragility or geographic limitations. Other services provided are outreach and engagement, bio-psychosocial assessment and care, medication evaluation and support, and support wellness and recovery of those who are vulnerable.

Target Population: 

The target populations served by the FCCS are older adults, ages 55 and older in Service Area II who suffer from mental illness, co-occurring substance abuse disorders, and/or other problems of aging. Priority individuals are clients who are isolated, or homebound with limited or no support system; older adults with a history or risk of serious abuse/neglect, history or risk of suicide; those with recent psychiatric hospitalizations or risk of homelessness and increased depression; and those who are unserved, underserved and/or inappropriately served.

Ages of Population: 

Older adults ages 55 years or older.

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Older Adults