Independent Living Program FCCS

The ILP FCCS provides comprehensive clinical and field-based services to mental health consumers in Service Area II who would like to live independently, or who live independently and need such services to maintain permanent housing. Mental health, medication evaluations and monitoring, case management and crisis services are provided to clients in the field, homes and office.

Target Population: 

The target population includes adults aged 25 and over who have a primary diagnosis of serious mental illness. Also, referred clients must have a current income source, whether it be through entitlements or employment. Persons with barriers to permanent housing that cannot be removed or that pose great risk to the community, those who are acutely symptomatic at time of referral, or those who do not wish to participate in ongoing supportive housing and case management services do not meet intake criteria but may be considered for referral to the Adult FCCS program.

The program does work with persons who are diagnosed with a co-occurring substance abuse disorder as long as the client is working toward achieving sobriety and has a relapse prevention plan in place.

Ages of Population: 

18 years of age and over.

Contact Name: 
Donna Lavery
(818) 374-5383
Transitional Youth