Juvenile Justice Programs

Juvenile Hall and Camp - Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

These programs include services provided at various Probation Department facilities including Nidorf Juvenile Hall and Probation Camps. Mental Health Services include: Assessment, Individual Therapy, Collateral. Family Therapy Case Management is offered to increase linkage to services while in detention and in preparation to the youth's return to the community or new placement. Substance abuse services are offered to support youth in attaining sobriety, develop coping skills, and increase access and utilization of supports in the facility and in the community. Consultations, psycho-education and discharge planning services are offered to help supports the youth and family to prepare for discharge and reintegration to the community.

These programs are funded through Probation, Schiff Cardenas and the Mental Health Services Act.

Target Population: 

Youth on Probation identified as having a substance abuse and/or mental health need.

Ages of Population: 

Youth aged 10 to 21 years.

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