Macdonald Carey East Valley Mental Health Center

The Macdonald Carey East Valley Mental Health Center is an outpatient mental health rehabilitation program, which provides both a comprehensive and integrated array of Mental Health Services, Targeted Case Management Services, Medication Support Services, and Crisis Intervention Services to adults with a severe and persistent mental illness.  The program’s mission is based upon the psychosocial rehabilitation model, where principles related to wellness, recovery, empowerment, and client involvement are emphasized.  
Services help each client to achieve an optimal level of functioning, focusing on self-reliance and successful re-integration into the community.  
Specific goals include: stabilization/symptom reduction, prevention of hospitalization, building and/or preserving coping skills/activities of daily living skills, linkage to long-term support via the Center’s various Adult Services Programs (e.g., Victory Wellness Center, Valley Employment Services, and the Independent Living Program), linkage to appropriate community resources addressing areas including, employment, medical/dental care, housing, education, recreation, legal/financial, and access to self help groups.
Adult outpatient program servicing severe and persistent mentally ill adults. We provide medication management, crisis management, 5150 capability, brief individual therapy, case managements services.

Target Population: 

Severe and persistent mentally ill adults.

Ages of Population: 

18 to 60+ years of age

Contact Name: 
John Putnam
(818) 908-3855
Older Adults
Transitional Youth