Older Adult Full Service Partnership (OAFSP)

OAFSP provides intensive field-based mental health and case management services to older adults age 60+ throughout the San Fernando Valley.  Included is access to psychiatric evaluation and medication support services, psychological/neuropsychological testing, as well as integrated/substance abuse treatment.  We provide community outreach and engagement and have an intake specialist to help streamline the comprehensive psychodiagnostic evaluation completed for each new client.  We provide 24/7 crisis response and have two LPS-designated staff to facilitate hospitalization when needed.  We provide linkage and referral to community services and support resources as needed

Target Population: 

Age 60+, chronic and severe Axis I diagnosis, unserved/under-served by mental health system, history of or at risk for homelessness, at risk for placement in skilled nursing facility, presence of co-occurring medical disorder, frequent hospitalizations and/or incarcerations, ethnic minority, Medi-Cal recipient.

Ages of Population: 

60+ Older Adults, 59-1/2 with approval

Contact Name: 
Michele Shepherd
(818) 374-6901
Older Adults