Street to Home

Street to Home is a unique program designed to outreach the most chronically homeless individuals with tri-morbid conditions, including, severe mental illness, substance abuse and chronic medical conditions, and to get them off the street and into permanent housing within 90 days.

The program’s success is largely due to the use of the Housing First model which engages these homeless individuals as frequently as needed on the street and offers them permanent housing certificates or vouchers, like Section 8 or shelter Plus Care. The Housing First Model allows individuals to get permanently housed without first having to prove themselves in transitional housing, or without having the perceived barrier of having to conform to a treatment regime or be substance free. Once clients are engaged and offered to apply for permanent housing every effort is made to engage them in the full service mental health, substance abuse, medication services  and milieu services of Cornerstone, and to be linked to appropriate medical care.

Clients are also immediately applied for benefits, and the Street to Home program also has the benefit of having additional move in funds provided by United Way called Rapid Re-Housing Funds. The program’s success is well documented and this pilot program has been ongoing since 2010, and also serves homeless Veterans.

Clients once housed are more apt to engage in services in an effort to keep this wonderful gift of their own apartment. Clients are followed by Street to Home staff for the first 6-9 months of permanent housing and then they are transitioned to other Center programs.

Van Nuys, CA
United States
Target Population: 

The target population for the project is those individuals who are chronically homeless and have tri-morbid condition which is a combination of mental illness, substance abuse and debilitating medical condition.  Those with tri-morbid conditions are at the greatest risk of mortality and therefore, are most in need of intensive, field-based services.

Ages of Population: 

Adults 18 and over.

(818) 901-4836