Valley Employment Services

The Valley Employment Services (VES) program has had a Case Service Cooperative Contract and an American Reinvestment and Recovery Act contract also known as On the Job Training (OJT) with the State Department of Rehabilitation in collaboration with the County Department of Mental Health for over 15 years. It is the largest case service contract in Los Angeles County. Services are provided to consumers that have been diagnosed with serious mental illness and are receiving services from a Department of Mental Health contracted clinic. In other words, the person must have an open case with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health. VES serves an average of 200 consumers each year.

This program is for consumers who are just beginning to seek employment or re-entering the work force after an absence due to mental illness, and who are motivated to work. The VES program provides support to obtain employment. This begins with a vocational assessment where the consumer has an opportunity to assess and identify current skills while developing a vocational goal. Then, a menu of services are available to the consumer in order to gain new skills, practice current skills, or smooth out the rough edges to be best prepared for job entry. The program also provides a computer lab and computer workshops to gain computer skills, be a resource for their benefits and for job search purposes.

An Employment Specialist works with each consumer, and together, they develop steps toward employment based on the consumer’s employment goals.

If you would like to receive these services, please discuss getting a referral to the VES program with your Case Manager. There is no charge to the consumer for any of the services provided. Referrals can be made from the Case Manager to the VES program by calling (818) 902-5315.

Target Population: 

Consumers who are 17 or older, who have been diagnosed with mental illness, and who are legally permitted to work may be referred to Valley Employment Services by their clinician or case manager.

Ages of Population: 

Ages 17 and up

(818) 902-5315
Transitional Youth